Smart Cosmos is how you turn your products into your platform and digitize your business

Smart Cosmos

IoT solutions and platform for digital transformation.


Smart Cosmos is the ‘operating system’ for digitized products. It combines three crucial elements you need to make your products smarter:


1. Fully-customizable RFID inlays and tags

RFID and NFC tags are small, flexible and durable enough to be embedded in any product. And they’re smart enough to connect to the Internet via smartphones, mobile or fixed readers.

They uniquely identify every single one of your products. And they’re already in billions of products like price tags, care labels, sneakers, footballs, car keys and pharmaceutical packaging. That can mean invaluable data for you and a better experience for your users.


2. A secure way to authenticate products

If your products matter, then proving they’re authentic matters.

That means you need a secure, reliable way to demonstrate their authenticity. And the most powerful way to do that is by embedding RFID intelligence with a unique digital identity into your products.

Our identity-assignment system operates much like the process that was created for passport digitization. It’s decentralized so you can run it securely wherever your factories are. And it’s scalable enough to be run on billions of units in a cost-efficient way.

It’s a powerful way to protect your brand, and your users.


3. An IoT platform for product data

The platform creates your products’ digital identities, and manages the data generated by them in a controlled and secure way.

It integrates product data seamlessly with your existing IT systems using powerful data virtualization technology and rich application programming interfaces (API). And it makes that data available for all the applications and analytics you might need it for.

The result?

Combining these three crucial elements takes a regular product and turns it into a smarter one. And it’s the backbone of our digital transformation. You can make every product smarter, in a secure way. Then you can use the data generated to transform your business.


In fact, we’ve used our platform to digitize our own RFID transponder products. The result is that we now have better visibility of our entire supply chain, tracking each product across its lifecycle.


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